Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Personal : Big car, big dream.

It always funny when we can see the reality of life. Today, I read an article regarding the story from a Jaguar Dealer. Although it looks funny but that is the reality!!

The Managing Director of Sisma Auto (Licensed Jaguar Dealer in Malaysia), Syed Hussain Syed Mohamed, 73, said that selling a Jaguar is not an easy task. Of course Jaguar owners put themselves at a 'higher level' than others and sometimes can be arrogant. There are many vehicles that can fetch higher price compared to Jaguar, but since it is handmade, it is touted to be more exclusive than premium brands like Mercedes and BMW.

He also shared a story of a MD of a company who had to cancel purchasing a brand new Jaguar because the Chairman of the company use a Mercedes Benz S Class!! The Chairman of that particular company did not want his reputation being damaged by the Jaguar brand eventhough the Merz has a higher price..

He also said that usually buyers of Jaguar did not go to the showroom by themselves but the car is sent to the doorstep of their house to be evaluated. What a rubbish!!

One more fact is the driver of Jaguar is not the owner itself. So do not be fooled if you see people coming out from the driver seat. The real owner usually seat at the back!! Haha

Sometimes you will think it is funny but that is the reality. =)

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