Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dunia : Why boycotting is just a waste.

When we heard about bombing in Palestin, many of Muslim around the world feels angry and hurt with the fate of Palestinean. The damn Israel should be condemned about their massacre they have done to Muslims. Riots, boycott are held everywhere to demonstrate our frustrations of injustice that the Western countries did.

I want to express my opinion about boycott which seems to bring little impact to Israel and their allies. This is because boycott is carried out after major disruptions happen in Palestine and it is seasonal. I think boycott should be done if and only if we have alternatives to replace the product produced by Israel and their allies. This is better as if we don't have such kind of power to bring them down their products, they will still conquer most of the market.

There is one statement from President of KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad, Tan Sri Ali Muhammad Hashim which stated that KFC does not contribute to the Israelis..They only pay 4 percent fees as franchiser's fees. Tan Sri Ali also Said that it is better for muslims to buy over company that produces the product rather than boycotting which does not help the Muslims economies.

Therefore if Muslims wants to avoid the flow of money to the non-Muslims they have to control the economy. Boycott brings very little impact to their economy.
What is your opinion?

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